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Moon Natural Wooden Soap Dish


Iroko woodwood of the iroko tree , native to the west coast of Africa. It is sometimes called African, or Nigerian, teak, but the iroko is unrelated to the teak family. The wood is tough, dense, and very durable. It is often used in cabinetmaking and paneling as a substitute for teak, which it resembles both in color (light brown to deep golden-brown) and in grain.


Handmade iroko wooden soap dish
صحن صابون خشبي طبيعي مقاوم للماء

قمت بصناعة هذا الصحن الخشبي من خشب الاريكو ,

بشكل  مدروس و مقاوم للماء مما يحافظ على الصابونة جافة و يطيل في عمرها

I made this wooden dish from iroko wood .
it is water-resistant.
 which keeps the soap dry.
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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